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eSTI2 aims

  • To reduce the clinical burden of STIs in the UK, impacting upon the £1 billion cost to the economy
  • Develop a unique partnership between Industry, Academia and the NHS, to build translational capacity in micro-diagnostic technologies
  • Develop, evaluate and facilitate polymicrobial point-of-care (PoC) and self-test mobile-phone networked micro-diagnostics
  • Create a diagnostic evaluation pipeline to enable industry easy access to clinical trials

eSTI2 will address key blocks to technology take up

  • Provide high-risk populations with easy and immediate access to diagnosis and treatment via smart-phone enabled diagnostics
  • Comprehensive and responsive STI surveillance
  • Tackle technological bottlenecks; provide the capacity to translate advances into validated commercial products
  • Advance the availability of polymicrobial testing
  • Address regulatory and ethical challenges
  • Investigate the health impact of telecommunication centred personalised STI diagnosis and management